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Matcha Bowl, Spoon, & Whisk Set, Earth Tone


Product Description

Origin: Japan/China This 3-piece set includes a matcha bowl, spoon, and whisk, and is perfect for the preparation of matcha and for the Japanese matcha tea ceremony. Matcha bowls are the traditional vessels for preparing matcha tea. Our attractively designed matcha bowl has an approximate 20 oz capacity and is made from Earthenware (color and size may vary slightly). The bamboo spoon, or "chashaku", is the perfect scooping tool for matcha and allows for easy transfer of Matcha tea powder to the bowl. The bamboo whisk, or "chasen", is specially designed for whipping up a frothy, delicious bowl of matcha. Comes in a clear plastic case for storage. See Classy Hippie's Organic Match Tea powder. SKU: CHT482185

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