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*Every 1st and 2nd Sunday of the month **4-6pm The art of movement through sound, a smooth-clean blend of meditation, yoga, taichi, ∧ chi gong. Lead by Instructor Moriah Myles... Hey y’all. I’m Moriah and yoga is my walking prayer. It is a reminder of how to connect with that inner stillness. We live in such a fast paced society, that being able to show up on your mat for a slow, meditative practice, cultivates strength and freedom; both emotionally and physically. The asana practice mixed with meditation is such a useful tool in a world full of uncertainty. Its not about how you practice on your mat, but how you take it and live it off your mat; in the world. Finding that inner peace when someone steals your parking spot or flips out on you. It helps you to remember to breathe and to check in with what really feels good to you and who you really are at your core. Class times : 4-4:45 5-5:45

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