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The Shop / Free Event: Tea + Chocolate = Love

Free Event: Tea + Chocolate = Love


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*1st Friday of every month ** 5-7pm This is a starting guide for your tea and chocolate adventures... RSVP to save your spot at the table! Milk Chocolate and Indian Chai Both chocolate and chai are enhanced by the addition of sugar and milk. Pay attention to the way that these two popular products complement each other as they coat the tongue Dark Chocolate and Yunnan Black Tea It takes dark chocolate to stand up to the rich earthy teas of Yunnan China. Be sure to take a long sniff of both before tasting. Your nose will give you an indication of what the tongue is about to experience. Dark Truffle and Earl Grey The citrus notes of the world’s favorite flavored tea blends perfectly with a delicious hand-rolled truffle. The rich soft center of the truffle is made even more flavorful when paired with this historic English blend. Chocolate-Covered Caramels with sea salt and Lapsang Souchong Smokey Chinese Lapsang Souchong black tea stands strong in the face of a rich chocolate-covered caramel laced with a few grains of sea salt and smoke as the two marry with the sweet caramel melting on your tongue

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